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    • Innovation win win, lead the future -- CISILE2017 opened in Beijing today

      April 6, 2017, approved by the State Ministry of Commerce, sponsored by the China Instrument Industry Association, Beijing Langpu Exhibition Co hosted the fifteenth session of Chinese international scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition (CISILE 2017) was held at the Beijing National Convention center.

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    • National instrument investment (Shenzhen) partnership (limited partnership) opening ceremony and ins

      Golden autumn brings great fruits and fragrance. In August 16th, nearly 60 leaders from the instrumentation industry enterprises and domestic financial institutions gathered in Beijing Century Hotel in Jin Yuan, "China (Shenzhen) investment partnership (limited partnership) opening ceremony cum capital alliance instrument industry set up initial conference", to witness the first team for instrumentation and the related industry fund, China (Shenzhen) investment partnership (limited partnership) the birth and formation of common breeds founded capital alliance industrial instrumentation industry. Association director, Chongqing Sichuan Instrument Automation Limited by Share Ltd chairman Wu Peng, Chinese Industry Development Association Secretary General Li Xiaojun, while capital management (Kunshan) partnership (limited partnership) managing partner Mu Zhenzhou, Huatai Securities chairman Wu Xiaodong and other leaders attended the meeting.

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    • Association Analysis Instrument Branch visits Beifen Ruili, sick maihak

      In April 7th, analysis instrument branch secretariat China Instrument Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the "branch") organization visited Beijing Beifen Ruili analytical instrument (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beifen Ruili") and sick maihak (Beijing) Instrument Co. Ltd., from the analysis instrument branch of member companies and other insiders close 30 people participated in the visiting activity.

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    • Beijing third domestic instrument evaluation project started, a number of analytical instrument ente

      The leadership of the association in 2017 "domestic instrument verification and evaluation of the research and practice of" market promotion project seminar, supported by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau hosted the 2017 "domestic instrument verification and evaluation and practice of" market promotion project seminar held at the Jingyi Hotel Beijing on March 6th.

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